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Self Reflection Time
That Spiritual Thing

Self Reflection Time

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♥ Hello Beautiful Soul ♥

Would you like to spend some quality time with someone talking about the issues in your life? Do you just need someone who will listen to you about your career, love or other problems without cutting in every five minutes. Someone who won't keep bringing the conversation back them themselves and won't tell you what you should or shouldn't do? Look no further!

This will be a face-to-face session via zoon, and will be about giving you time to offload, to vent and let it all out to someone who won't judge you. It is time specifically dedicated to you, and you only, no one else! Even if you are simply looking to gain a clarity on how your thoughts and need someone to speak things out aloud to. I'm here

This is not a session where you come to find answers from me. It is more about giving you the space to get things out of your system through talking, to let off steam. I will also help you to find answers from within yourself through a process of gentle questions helping you to reflect on your situation.

We will begin your session with an brief introduction from me and then it will be over to you. You can tell me about yourself and any struggles you are currently facing. I will then proceed to ask you some gentle questions to help stimulate your thinking. This will help you to reflect on how things have been in the past for you, how things currently are and where you would like your life to go. 

By the end of your session, you should feel lighter and have something things to think about. 

After your purchase, I will contact you via your email address to arrange your zoom session. 

I look forward to meeting you :-). 


A B O U T - M E

I’m Michelle, a tarot reader and certified Usui Reiki Master, living in England in the United Kingdom :-). I've given over 900 readings, and have a 5-star review rating over at my Etsy shop called That Spiritual Thing. You can see over 200 reviews of my readings by visiting this link: Psychic Reading Time by ThatSpiritualThing on Etsy

I've given email tarot readings, psychic readings to people all over the world. Wherever you live, be it the USA, Canada, Australia, heck, if even if you're planning to move to the Moon, don't worry, I can reach you :-). 

I am extremely passionate about my services because they have the power to unlock hidden perspectives and potential for you. They also offer a greater level of clarity and comfort in uncertain times.

My readings are always given from a truthful, experienced and positive perspective, so why not get in touch! If you have any questions, please feel free chat to me at the *We Are Here" green button to the bottom right of your screen. Or if you prefer you can email me at, and I'll be very happy to help you.


Michelle :-) xx


Please note I am not a trained counsellor or therapist. This session is not a replacement for legal, medical or any other professional advice. You must be aged 18 years or over to purchase a session. This session is for entertainment purposes only.